Lone Sailor Statue City Program

The Lone Sailor statue is the iconic symbol representing the United States Navy Memorial’s mission to Honor, Recognize, and Celebrate the men and women of the Sea Services, past, present, and future; and Inform the public about their service.  These meaningful statues provide a reminder to active duty, veterans, and civilians that they serve a grateful nation.

The Navy Memorial's Statue City Program began in 1997 with the placement of a Lone Sailor statue at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL. There are sixteen Lone Sailor Statues around the world, including the original on the Navy Memorial Plaza in Washington, DC.  To learn more about installing a statue in your city, contact Brenda Osuch.

A Lone Sailor statue stands watch on Guam at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex

A Lone Sailor statue stands watch on Guam at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex

Lone Sailor Statue in Normandy

Plans are underway to place a Lone Sailor statue in Normandy. This statue will serve as a reminder of the historic day the United States and her allies arrived from the sea to free the world from tyranny and repression, forging a lasting relationship with the people of St. Marie Du Mont, the first city to be liberated in France during WWII.

Lone Sailor Statue on Guam

A celebration event will be held on 30 April, 2019, in honor of the Lone Sailor statue placed on Guam. It will be open to the public. The event marks the anniversary of Operation New Life, when more than 110,000 thousand Vietnamese refugees passed through Guam in 1975. During this historical event, members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, rescued thousands at sea and built infrastructure on Guam.

Lone Sailor Statues Around the Country

Questions about the program or sponsorship?

Contact Brenda Osuch at bosuch@navymemorial.org or (202) 380-0714.