lone sailor statue in charleston, south carolina

A replica of The Lone Sailor© and The Homecoming© were dedicated at the Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial on November 5, 2007. It took over 100 years of Naval history and planning to bring this memorial to completion which is an honorary tribute to all the military, civilians and communities that served on the former Charleston Naval Base. 

The Memorial Park here on the banks of the Cooper River at the former Charleston Naval Base is the only place outside of the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. where both statues are located together on the same site and presented as the premier features. 

The goal of the Board of Directors of the Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial was to deliver to the public which, when visited, would for those who served, resurrect fond memories of former shipmates and co-workers and all that is good about naval service. For those who have not worn the uniform or served in support of the Navy, the intent is to provide a small piece of history about an honorable profession and to remind all visitors of the rich legacy that the Greater Charleston area has earned in our nation's maritime history.