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The United States Navy Memorial is charting a new and innovative course for museum interpretation and educational programming that will become the benchmark standard for enhancing our visitor experience.  Our exhibits tell compelling stories with priceless memorabilia and historical artifacts complemented with visually appealing graphics, artwork and creative design.

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The American Sailor: Agile, Capable, and Talented

The American Sailor: Agile, Capable, and Talented tells the story of the birth of the United States Navy on October 13, 1775, and explores how individuals have defended the country at sea and provided U.S. military services wherever the seas extend over time. It highlights the United States Navy as capable of serving those in crisis around the globe, a powerhouse with great agility to move humanity forward through action, all the while implementing talent to remain innovative and relevant.

The American Sailor exhibit showcases past and present seaborne accomplishments, and narrates the everyday lives of service members that protected and continue to protect the nation’s interest. Visitors will learn how sailors are steeped in tradition and bonded by common values, which are the United States Navy’s strength. It will connect the public, and Sailors alike, to what has changed since 1775, but most importantly, what has stayed the same. Time and technology has definitely changed, but the sailor has not. Through the use of artifacts, and photographs, our audience will experience how life of the American Sailor has gone from a generally trained colonial seaman to the highly trained and professional missile launching cyber minded sailor of today.

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Zumwalt: The Current that Brought the Navy to the Shores of the 20th Century

Zumwalt: The Current that Brought the Navy to the Shores of the 20th Century chronicles the life and legacy of one of the Navy’s most prolific Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). This compelling story spotlights the tidal rise success of Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. to CNO and the gales he endured to become the current that modernized the United States Navy. The exhibit uncovers how Admiral Zumwalt’ s command created sweeping waves that effected not only the Navy’s internal processes and Sailors lives, but Zumwalt’ s  personal life as well. The primary goal of this special tribute is to humanize an amazing naval giant and publicly introduce him to a variety of museum audiences. Zumwalt transformed the Navy unlike none other and broke barriers that eventually propels the Navy well into the 20th century. His creative initiatives, pursuit for responsible talent and balanced fairness without regard to race or gender cemented Zumwalt’ s place in American naval history. Oral histories, personal keepsakes, family artifacts and first-hand written accounts of Zumwalt’ s life as CNO, leader, father, husband, and true American would all provide our museum goers with a greater appreciation and an enjoyable understanding of a man we’ve come to truly honor, recognize and celebrate.

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Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard, a multimedia welcome and orientation about the Navy Memorial and iconic Lone Sailor statue. 

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America's Navy

America's Navy, the Navy’s universal message told through video, digital content, and touch screens displaying current video of Navy missions and maps of deployments developed in partnership with the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Chief of Navy Information (CHINFO).  

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Navy After 9/11

Navy After 9/11 highlights stories and significant changes in the modern American Global War On Terror (GWOT) through the lens of the United States Navy. Experience the sounds and view videos of post 9/11 naval operations, get a close up view of uniforms and objects from Special Warfare, Aviation, Expeditionary Warfare, and Surface Warfare and models of contemporary United States Navy ships.

Questions? Contact Robert Parker at rparker@navymemorial.org or (202) 380.0723