lone sailor statue in norfolk, virginia

The dedication of The Lone Sailor© statue occurred on May 25, 2002 in Norfolk. The statue is on Wisconsin Square facing the bridge of the Battleship USS Wisconsin. Because Norfolk is the home of the U.S.. Atlantic Fleet, it serves as a natural home for The Lone Sailor©. The Norfolk statue is surrounded by eight bronze commemorative plaques of Norfolk-based ships and submarines that have met with tragedy - and one plaque recalls the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. 

The plaques are:

  • USS Cole
  • USS Forrestal
  • USS Iowa
  • USS Liberty
  • USS Nimitz
  • USS Newport News
  • USS Scorpion
  • The Pentagon


The Norfolk Lone Sailor statue and its moving site was donated by "Friends of the United States Navy Memorial" - made up of hundreds of individuals and local organizations that pledged their support.