lone sailor statue in san francisco, california

The Lone Sailor© statue was dedicated on April 14, 2002 on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. A memorial was constructed and dedicated on the scenic overlook called Vista Point with a replica of The Lone Sailor© as its focal point. 

San Francisco also boasts about its maritime past. This is a port city in which millions of military personnel have shipped in and out of - especially during World War II. The San Francisco statue is representative of sea service members' last view of America's West Coast before reporting for duty at sea. The statue is dedicated to all of the Sea Services - Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. 

A San Francisco Lone Sailor Statue Committee was formed to make a formal appeal that totaled more than $3 million. Henry Trione and Retired Capt. Jackson L,. Schultz, SC, USN, served as co-chairmen for the project. Their campaign garnered funding for:

  • Statue placement
  • Creation of a memorial 
  • Dramatic site improvements


The San Francisco Committee was determined that no government funds would be used for The Lone Sailor© memorial.