The Constellation

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The Constellation is a membership program comprised of active duty and retired Flag Officers who support the U.S. Navy Memorial. Becoming a member of this Constellation emphasizes your standing in the Navy, the leadership you’ve exhibited, the stature you’ve achieved, and the respect you deserve.

As a member, you won’t receive multiple mailings throughout the year - you can choose the reduced correspondence level that suits you. Members of the Constellation are recognized on the Quarterdeck, sending a loud message to the public about leadership support of the Navy Memorial.

Membership Levels & Benefits:

The cost to join the Constellation varies based on individual level of giving:

Copper Level: $250 - $499 given annually
Steel Level: $500 - $999 given annually
Brass Level: $1000 or more given annually

Copper: Essential to the history of Naval vessels, from the hull sheathing to desalinating water.

– Copper Constellation lapel pin
– Invitations to attend Navy Memorial events
– Reduced mail of your choice

Steel: Supports the hulls of virtually all modern vessels. It surrounds and protects every Sailor in the fleet.

– All Copper benefits
– Steel Constellation lapel pin
– Priority seating at Navy Memorial events

Brass: The brightest metal on ship and a symbol of the highest levels of leadership.

– All Copper and Steel benefits
– Brass Constellation lapel pin
– One seat at the Lone Sailor Awards Dinner

Additionally, all members are recognized on the Navy Memorial’s Quarterdeck and in the program for the Lone Sailor Awards Dinner.

Questions?  Contact Colleen Cosey at or (202) 380. 0746