Inside the Delbert D. Black
National Chief's Mess

The Delbert D. Black National Chief's Mess is a large and interactive special exhibit area that informs the public about the important and unique role of a Navy Chief Petty Officer (CPO), its 125 year history, and the immense responsibility and respect of the role culminating into the existing "Chief".  The space highlights influential Chiefs throughout Naval history and serves as a welcoming and gathering place to honor these honorable members of America's Sea Services who have set the example for all to follow. 



The new long-term exhibit space is named after the first Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON), Delbert D. Black.  MCPON Black helped improve the quality of life for Sailors and their families by laying the groundwork for programs and policies that would be implemented by his successors for the next 50 years.  He worked hard to demonstrate the importance of the role of the MCPON and built confidence in Navy leadership. 


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Can the National CHief's Mess be leased for a special event?

The National Chief's Mess is an exhibit area that can be easily converted into an event space or board room.  This new multipurpose space utilizes state-of-the-art technology throughout with touch screen monitors, projectors, enhanced audio/visual capability and static displays. 

An impressive feature is the Mondopad, which is a digital whiteboard that is used as a virtual exhibit as well as a touchscreen monitor for private events/meetings.  Overall, this exhibit is a confluence of priceless historical artifacts and photographs, special certificates and important documents dating back to the Civil War through World War I, a special portrait of MCPON Delbert Black, several uniforms and badges/insignia combined with stimulating soundscapes and engaging technology, all the while making those learned tangible connections with the visitor.


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