Mr. Roger Sexuaer

Mr. Sexauer has more than 25 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry, with a diverse background in general management, business development, program management, and engineering. He joined DRS in 2004 as Vice President for Business Development for the C4I Group. Prior to assuming his position at DRS, Mr. Sexauer served as Vice President, Program Development and Strategic Planning for General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division and Manager, Advanced Concept Formulation. He was responsible for the development of advanced submarine concepts to improve the capability of U.S. Nuclear Submarines. He developed such concepts as the Virginia Class Advanced Sail, Trident SSGN, and the Virginia Class Technology Insertion Process. He has also held senior positions at United Technologies - Hamilton Standard Division. 

Mr. Sexauer is a former officer in the U. S. Navy. He served as a qualified nuclear engineer aboard the USS Trepang in various capacities including Weapons Officer and Main Propulsion Assistant. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture from the United States Naval Academy.  He currently serves as President of the Maritime and Combat Support Systems (MCSS) Group, which develops power systems, environmental systems and sustainment products.