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Lone Sailor Statue Guam

The Navy Memorial will place a Lone Sailor statue on Guam, which will be the 16th statue in the world and the second outside the Continental United States. 

This initiative has received an incredible amount of support from the Vietnamese-American community. Reaching our fundraising goal is the last step in executing this vision. We are closing in on this deadline fast and your support is more important than ever now. By supporting the mission in Guam today, you will ensure a legacy for generations to come. 


Guam is strategically located in the Pacific and has long been home and a port-of-call to many Sailors and Marines. Additionally, numerous naval operations have been supported from this United States territory.  The most notable is Operation New Life, which included the care and administration of Vietnamese refugees in Guam that were evacuated from Saigon in the closing days of the Vietnam War. More than 111,000 of the 130,000 evacuated Vietnamese refugees were transported to Guam. The greater majority of these refugees resettled in the United States and became citizens, today with thriving businesses and families.  Guam is known as the “Ellis Island of the Pacific” as a result of this operation and the other refugees who entered the United States from this territory. This statue will serve as a reminder of the historic and lasting relationship those refugees, including generations of Vietnamese-Americans, have with members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, who rescued thousands at sea, and built infrastructure on Guam.


Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex is an ideal location for the statue as it is open to the public, overlooks beaches where refugee camps were established, remains well-kept by groundskeepers, has ample security, and oversees the water – as a Lone Sailor should.


The Navy Memorial’s fundraising goal is $300,000 to place the statue in Guam.  This funding includes casting the statue, transportation, and the dedication ceremony.

Donations for the Lone Sailor statue in Guam can be made online (below) or accepted by check, made out to the United States Navy Memorial, and mailed to:

US Navy Memorial
Attn: Alexis Baker
701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20004


The Navy Memorial will honor each donor based on their level of contribution. An appropriate terrace and surrounding area is being planned to serve as an inviting attraction for visitors.  The terrace will include bricks with the names of people who made the statue possible, along with bronze plaques describing the Lone Sailor’s background and Guam’s role as the “Ellis Island of the Pacific.” 

​Donation levels:

Large bench: $10,000
Small bench: $5,000
Large brick with name inscribed: $1,000
Small brick with name inscribed: $500
Pewter Lone Sailor statue: $250
Specially designed coin marking the Lone Sailor statue in Guam: $100 

Although people will come and go from this statue, the Lone Sailor will continue to serve as a universal sign of respect towards Sea Service personnel for generations to come. Each donor has the opportunity to build a legacy by helping the Navy Memorial execute its mission.

To learn more about Guam initiative or the Lone Sailor Statue City Program as a whole, please contact:
Alexis Baker
(202) 380-0760